Gratitude and Grievance

Oftentimes, when words of gratitude and grievance are uttered when talking about racial equity and justice, the intended meaning is:

  1. Gratitude – BIPOC should be appreciative of the US and patriotic. The assumptions are that because we critique and criticize the US, we do not love our country, because we demand equity and justice, we want more than we are entitled, and because we see ourselves as citizens who should be able to obtain the American dream – if we want, that we only want it at the expense or on the backs of others.
    • However, it is from our love of country that we push our country to be better and to do more for everyone who resides in this country and its territories. It is from our love of country that we desire and know that we are better together than divided. When everyone’s needs are met, a community, business, country will thrive and grow. It is from our love of country, that we envision a new dream for America and the world.
  2. Grievance – Grievances or complaints against our government are acts of treason and/or terrorism. Our grievances are legitimate in a country that has systematically entrenched racism and oppression nationwide. These complaints are continually bringing up the negative (and yes, ugly) events and actions from our country’s past. Some people would say by doing so, we inhibit our nation from moving forward.
    • In reality, in not addressing, resolving, and healing our country from its past and current egregious acts, we stifle our ability to become our best selves – individually and as a country.

If you are tired of the complaining and grievances of BIPOC, and

If you are tired of the seeming unmerited and unpatriotic (not my words) critiques and criticisms,

Then, I suggest you learn and expand your knowledge for yourself (internet searches, books from all sides, etc.) and begin to see and listen to more than one perspective of our collective story. I would also encourage you to join us at Safe Space Conversations, where authentic ‘seeking after truth’ is welcomed and honored. If you have a group already, we can talk about working with your group for a specialized Safe Space Conversations or any other training.

It is through one’s engagement with diverse individuals, and we build relationships across all societal divides, that we learn to be responsible citizens in our country. A responsible citizen critiques and seeks to improve self, community, and government. I am excited to see what a healed, improved, and truly welcoming country the US will become. Join us.

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