People Unite!

I was cleaning out my room and ran across words I wrote (don’t know when). They are still pertinent today, with only minor modifications.

I’m here to say – God says enough! My people unite!

Look at the racial chaos in our world. God is calling us to love and heal his world. In America, the belief that whites are superior to all others is destroying our country. The new and developing chaos with Russia and Ukraine is also based on the erroneous belief that some people are superior to others.

We are all human beings and equal in that fact. Our skills and talents vary, just like our personalities and strength of character varies. These are meant to strengthen the society, not weaken it. When there is an atmosphere of diversity, unity and inclusion, the growth and productivity of society increases. Harvard did a study that proved this point about businesses, and I carry it out to the societal level. If we want America to be great, we need to embrace all Americans. If we want our global society to be great, we need to embrace all global citizens. We cannot afford to leave even one person behind. Our collective survival depends upon it.

Believers, do something every day towards racial reconciliation and peace building. Reach out to someone of a different culture. Do or try something new with someone new. So, I encourage you to reach out, engage others, be a voice, be an opportunity provider. I say, ‘opportunity provider,’ because sometimes we don’t need anyone to speak for us. We just need the opportunity, and we will speak for ourselves.

Once you have engaged others, share their stories (if they agree) with others so that all can begin to understand and know the daily lived experiences of others.

As always, contact Visible Unity for more questions, some answers, and lots of opportunities.

Peace, Love, & Unity