She has worked for and consulted with non-profit organizations, churches, and other entities for more than 20 years. She has provided training, oversight, strategy development and management for effective and long-term sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Some of the organizations she has worked for or with are:

Company/Organization — Title
Inclusive Communities Project (Dallas, TX)* — Special Projects Coordinator
Bethel University Foundation (St. Paul, MN) — Administrative Assistant
Airline Ambassadors International (Washington, D.C.) — Administrative
Dept. of Family & Protective Services (Arlington, TX) — Community
Partners Coordinator
Greater Dallas Community of Churches (Dallas, TX) — Consultant/Team Leader
Community Council of Greater Dallas (Dallas, TX) — Consultant
United Way (Dallas, TX and Garfield County, OK) — Grant Process Volunteer
Southeast Dallas Emergency Aid Center (Dallas, TX) — Board President
St. Paul Interfaith Network (St. Paul, MN) — Volunteer
Metropolitan Interfaith Coalition on Affordable — Volunteer
Housing (St. Paul, MN)
St. Paul Mosaic Church (St. Paul, MN) — Plant Team Member
Youth Conflict Resolution Center (Dallas, TX) — Board Treasurer and
— Curriculum Writer
Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN) — Diversity Representative
Junior League (Dallas, TX and St. Paul, MN) — Member
Garden of Gethsemane Center (Dallas, TX) — Co-Founder


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