She is an advocate for Diversity and Reconciliation and seeks to encourage Inclusion within internal and external programs of organizations. This would include evolving, supporting, and championing diversity and inclusion initiatives across the enterprise of the organization with a key focus of helping to implement strategic diversity and inclusion objectives and linking them with strategies and programs to key business plans and priorities.

Those companies who embrace and implement this new paradigm in our increasingly globalized world will far surpass those traditionally-minded companies that continue to utilize old business models, practices and paradigms. Market growth and increased productivity of the staff is sure. Consumers are more inclined to support and purchase products and services of companies that exude a diverse, inclusive and thus welcoming environment. When there is an atmosphere of unity and inclusion employees within this type of work environment tend to feel more invested in the organization and thus more committed to the organization’s success and future because they have greater opportunities to self-develop and thus become more self-realized.

She can:
•Assist with the development and implementation of enterprise-wide programs and initiatives in support of workforce, workplace, and marketplace goals.
•Assist with the continuous improvement of existing diversity initiatives to position the organization as a recognized diversity and inclusion leader in the industry and in the community.
•Help facilitate new and/or strengthen current engagement opportunities with external organizations, conferences, and events.
•Consult to improve overall environment; ensuring we foster a culture that is inclusive, innovative, willing to take risks, and that proactively leverages multiple dimensions of diversity.

She has:
•Proven experience with diversity/inclusion, project implementation/ management and community involvement/advocacy including the ability to develop and communicate verbal and written presentations that influence and engage internal and external partners and stakeholder
•A Master’s Degree in Global & Contextual Studies, a Certificate in Spiritual and Personal Formation, Certification as a Peace Ambassador, and continuing doctorate level coursework in Global Leadership
•An ability to conduct analysis, and report on ROI, progress, gaps and opportunities that drive program enhancements

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