The High Road

I was having a text conversation with my son and wanted to encourage him, because we know life is not easy for black men, especially black men with a past and no college degree.  I told him that what he is doing is taking the high road and that a lot of guys are not taking the high road.

Later, it came to me that the high road is tougher because it’s less traveled so there are stumbles and obstacles.  It’s bumpy and hard.  But the view is beautiful and you can see more.  On the low road you see all the trash and what’s in the gutter.  I’d rather be on the high road.  How about you?

This can be applied to every aspect of our lives but in particular (for believers), how we live out Christ in our daily lives.  We have so many Christians who are on the low road.  Who choose to be complacent and complicit, blindfolded and in captivity to the system.  Do you not see that we who believe are all brothers and sisters?  Do you not see the pain of your brothers and sisters?  Do you not see the atrocities committed by people who look like you and say they are Christians?  Will you not speak up and do something?

Please join those of us on the high road and be blessed by God.  Join us and do the good work.  Join us and be enriched through your efforts.  The view is better, the other people on the high road will bless your life and you will be that much closer to God.

I’d rather be on the high road.  How about you?

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  1. Ann Fields
    Jun 07, 2016 @ 11:14:35

    I love the imagine of being closer to God on the high road. Yes, it comes with a price but the reward is so much greater. Thank you for the reminder.


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