Collective Change

In the State of the Union address, President Obama said, “We must put our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress.”  To build off of this, I say to believers and churches, we must put our collective love of Christ to the wheel of healing, reconciliation and unity because all of the issues that are dividing our nation are also dividing our churches.

These words are a good follow up from my previous post, The Will to Embrace.  It challenges me and I hope you as well.  Let’s start the conversations that need to be started and do the things that need to be done TODAY.  In my peacemaking class tonight they talked about the way to bring about deep societal change is to:

  1. Change the Stories
  2. Create the New Realities (outside of the systems of the present realities)
  3. Change the Rules

Today is the day.  Let’s search ourselves to see what our strengths and gifts are that we have been blessed with.  Then let’s seek God’s guidance on where, what and with whom we are to labor together.  Finally, let’s continually seek Christ and be Christ at all times.  Collectively following Christ and being His beloved community.

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