Mission Leaders Conference 2013

I went to an excellent conference for Missions Leaders here in Dallas, September 19-21, 2013.  The theme was Stand and the four general sessions focused on Stand Up, Stand Together, Stand Firm and Stand Fast because “The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together” (Missio Nexus).

As an African American woman, it was great to feel welcomed, included and valued.  It’s not often I get to experience this from my white brothers and sisters and it came at the perfect, God-ordained time.  I didn’t realize how much I needed that.   Also, the conference was a good reminder for me to maintain my relationship with Christ; keeping my soul connected to his.  I will remember to ask myself and others – “Is it well with your soul today?” (Ruth Haley Barton)

A couple of things to share:

  • A ‘discipling culture’ exists when we have high invitation and high challenge (Mike Breen).  It is not enough to just issue the invitation, we have to go a step further and usher new converts (and even old converts) into the challenge of being a child of the kingdom.
  • Challenges for us today
    • Relational disciple making not programmatic discipling
    • Transformational ministry not church activity

 Feel free to use the outline below to develop a missions culture in your church.

African Americans and Hispanics in Missions

Reasons not involved in missions

  1. Lost culture of missions due to oppression and struggles  within own country to focus on
  2. Not educated, informed and know own history of minorities in missions
  3. Not necessarily the resources to fund missions within individual churches
  4. Not credible, respected or viable risk for funds from white churches


  1. Begin or increase missions education and information
    1. Approach 18-30yr olds – in colleges, on Facebook, etc. to be missionaries
    2. Address denominational leaders for partnering and support
    3. Address congregational leaders for partnering with other churches for support
    4. Speak at churches and community organizations for support
    5. Have a missions conference for Blacks and Hispanics
    6. Create partnerships among churches to share missions

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